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Tire Sealant SealAir2K 350ml

Our sealant bottle is a perfect solution for fixing punctured tires.

The easiest. fastest, and the most reliable solution on the market!

Technical data

Our sealants features:

Integrated comfort system

Handy bottle

Low ammonia natural latex based sealant

Environmentally friendly sealant

Microfiber sealant structure

Reduced amount of needed sealant

High sealing performance

Wide range of temperature and weather conditions


Overall dimensions [mm]: 122×85

Bottle weight [g]:565g

Storage temperature (°C): -40°C to +80°C

Working temperature range (°C): -30°C +70°C

Filling quantity: 350ml

Operating life: 5 years


Will SealAir2K sealant seal my kind of the tire?

To find out if the 350ml bottle of sealant will fit your tire size, find and click the correct size for your tire.

Green boxes mean that the product is compatible with the selected wheel size, and orange boxes mean that a larger capacity bottle is required to seal the tire.

Sealant SealAir2K 350ml

The 350ml capacity is sufficient for the most common tire sizes. For non-standard tires, please contact us directly for a quote for the appropriate bottle capacity.

Bottle 450ml that comes with TMK set

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SealAir2K vs Common squeeze bottle

Take a look at the comparison test of SealAir2K car tire sealant with common squeeze bottle solution

Sealant SealAir2K tests - how we do it

Take a look at sealant test process in our company.

Safety Data Sheet for SealAir2K Sealant

Below You can download Safety Data Sheet for our sealant.

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