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Below You will find listed frequently asked questions by our customers.

We wanted to make it easy and fast for You to find an answer for Your question here. 

Tire mobility kit SealAir2K includes CompAir Compressor, 450 ml bottle with sealant, instruction, comfortable and handy bag.

The set is able to inflate all standard tire sizes – the compressor itself will only differ in how long it will take. The 450ml is able to inflate all standard sealants as well.

Our TMK was created for vehicles:
– Medium size,
– Luxurious medium- sized,
– Mini SUV’s
– Mid- size SUV’s
– Luxurious full sized’
Light commercial vehicles up to 3,5t,
– (PC/Me, PV/H, SUV, VAN),
In case You are interested in which specific tires our TMK can be used for- R&D has prepared a table with tire sizes for You – which is available on our website sealair2k.com. We invite You to check it out.

If You will not find the tire size You are looking for, You can always contact us and ask directly.

For foam tires we are currently in the proccess of testing our sealant for sealing effects and easy removal before repair of the tire by specialist.



TMK SealAir2K You can buy on:

If You want to become our B2B Partner You can always contact us directly.

To check if SealAir2K is available in your country, check the delivery option on Amazon or Allegro.
There you will find all the details along with information about the time and cost of delivery.
When it turns out that you cannot order via the given portals, please contact us by e-mail office@aircom.ag or through contact form availalbe on website. We will do our best to get you your TMK kit!

Our compressor has an universal connector for all passenger cars.

If you want to use it to inflate for example a bicycle, you will need to equip yourself with an appropriate adapter.

Currently, we do not offer adapters, we plan to introduce them from second half of 2023. However, they are available on market from other sellers at the moment.

Based on the UX tests that we have conducted, we noticed that the average time of full tire repair (including the test drive) oscillates around 20 minutes for people who have encountered this type of product for the first time. The company record belongs to our Japanese sales representative Kurosawa Nobuyuki and it is only 12 minutes!

Please follow instructions while dealing with sealing a tire.

To wash the sealant from the tire, use a sponge and warm water.
Moreover, the shorter the time the sealant is in the tire, the faster and easier the process of washing it from the tire surface will be.

To clean the tire after the sealing process:

  1. pour the sealant from the tire.
  2. The tire should be thoroughly doused with water to wash off any residual sealant.
  3. If necessary, you can help with this activity with a clean sponge.

The type of the road surface on which the vehicle travels should not have an impact on the sealing quality of the tire.

What matters is the travel speed.

According to our recommendations, it should not exceed 80 km/h. Also, be aware to drive safely and inform other vehicle users about special driving conditions.

Leave the nail in the tire before using our repair kit.

Its presence additionally seals the damage and helps the sealing process. After a temporary repair, go to a vulcanization center where the mechanic will get rid of it and have the tire fixed professionally.

After the repair, you can drive for over 1000km at a maximum speed of 80km/h before visiting a tire specialist who will wash out the sealant from the tire and definitively conclude the tire repair. After that, your tire can be reused.

Tire mobility kit is created to fix tire safely, fast and in a clean way so You can continue Your journey without disturbance.

Although sealant allows driving for 1000km, we recommend to drive to specialist after the journey is finished to repair the tire.

Our set is light compared to the spare wheel, jack and wrench. A20kg reduction in weight over the life of the vehicle has significant impact on fuel consumption. Our kit is so efficient that with the minimum amount of sealant (adjusted to the tire size) it does not introduce excessive vibrations while driving and through effective repair, contributes to maintaining low rolling resistance due to the lack of pressure drop in the wheel – that also has impact on fuel consumption.

Yes! Low temperatures often mean low tire pressure, and low tire pressure could mean dangerous driving conditions
Winter season is right above the corner and we’re here to help you!
Our tire mobility kit is easy and convenient to use.

The advantage of our sealant and tire ombility kit is that, we test it during winter  and using winter chamber to make sure the sealing process can be performed in cold weather. You can check out our videos about winter expeditions and about our sealant on Youtube!

Yes! 10% of the sealant are ingredients of biotechnological origin, 40% of the sealant’s ingredients are recycled, latex used in sealant is 100% natural. 95% parts of bottles and 70% parts of compressors are produced in house. That means less transport and packaging. Also 38% saving in electricity consume.

You can download SDS card for our sealant from our website.

Our compressor is adapted to the power consumption of the car, unfortunately it is not suitable for use at home. For use outside the car, a current of up to 14A continuous and 40A peak at start-up is needed. Of course, there are adapters adapted to the requirements of the compressor, but in the case of the adapter shown, unfortunately, the rating plate is not visible and it is difficult to determine its parameters. In case of using the wrong adapter – the adapter may burn.

There is a possibility that the sealing process may fail. This is the case when the product is used to seal damage with diameter much greater than 6mm. In this case, call the roadside assistance and take the vehicle to a professional vulcanization service.

When we talk about the advantages of our product, we most often mention that it is ecological, compact, reliable, and easy to use.
We spend a lot of time making TMK as easy to use as possible and sealing the tire as quickly as possible. To see how we’re doing, we run user tests where a person who is not familiar with our product has to seal a tire with it. During this time, we observe, take notes and check the results.
As we wrote in one of our posts in the past, changing a tire takes between 15 to 30 minutes, depending on experience, sometimes even 45. In the case of our kit, it takes between 8 and 15 minutes.
At the moment, the use of our kit is easy even for a person without experience. In addition, we do everything to make it even easier.

You may hear a hissing sound from the tire after work with TKM Kit is finished, or even see small amounts of sealant fluid flowing out of the hole in the tire. This is perfectly normal.
The fluid gets its sealing properties when it comes into contact with air. A bit like blood. When you cut yourself, and the wound is large, it takes longer for the blood to clot.
In the case of the TMK Kit, follow the instructions and continue driving for another 10km or no more than 15 minutes at a maximum speed of 80km/h. After this drive, the tire should already be 100% sealed. Connect the compressor itself, check the pressure, and inflate if necessary. Now it’s time to drive!

It depends on the user, car, tire, and moreover the weather conditions. When it’s raining outside and your hands are slippery it would take much more time in both cases.
Changing a tire.
Having in mind all conditions mentioned before, the time needed varies between 15 and 30 minutes. For some of us, it can extend the time, even up to 45 minutes.
When it comes to TMK Kit.
Based on our user test, even for a person that has no earlier experience, it takes between 8 to 15 minutes to inflate and seal the tire. After this time you can start driving. After 10 minutes you should check the air pressure in the inflated tire. When everything is all right just continue your ride.

The first thing you should have in mind is the fact that our compressor is reusable. After using it you can pack it back into your trunk, and it will be ready for the next rund.
If it comes to the sealant, the procedure is as simple as with a shampoo bottle. Put them right into the bin that is assigned for plastics and metal.
It is also important that you should remove non-plastics and non-metals from the trash.
In this case, the label is also plastic so you can throw it away with the bottle. Just like with shampoo and glass bottles, rinsing is not necessary.

Yes, however, there are certain safety conditions that must be met in order for the compressor to work properly in unusual conditions.
First of all, you cannot put the set in a puddle. For the correct operation of the compressor, it is necessary to provide it with a stable and clean surface.
It is also necessary to protect the compressor during operation from rain, especially with a heavy mileage.
After the sealing process has been completed, dry the compressor thoroughly so that a large amount of moisture does not affect the condition of the engine inside the device.

The TMK is designed as an alternative to the spare wheel.
This way you can carry it around in your car all year.
Multiple tests of the sealant confirm the stability of the formula in the range from -40°C to + 80°C!
The compressor stored in the bag attached to the set will easily withstand the humidity conditions prevailing in most car trunks.

After turning on the compressor with the bottle mounted, at the beginning of the process, we can see a sharp increase and then a drop in tire pressure.
This is because the sealant in the bottle is pumped through a thin tube and into the tire. Once all the fluid is placed in the wheel, the tire is pumping properly, so the pressure drops sharply and slowly increases until the level you want is reached.

We give a 5-year warranty on the compressor and the bottle from the production date shown on the back of the packaging / carton.

Each vehicle has a wheel size, tire size and pressure value to which air should be added to the vehicle.
Such information is usually located on the inside frame of the driver’s door or on the fuel filler neck.

The TMK set consists of a compressor that can be used many times, not only in a set with a sealant. It is a convenient and handy device for everyday use.
The bottle, on the other hand, has filling in the form of a sealant, which is pumped inside the tire during the temporary repair of the tire, leaving an empty bottle that should be thrown into the mixed waste bin.

Our sealant easily deals with punctures and cuts on the tread and shoulder of the tire, with a diameter not exceeding 6mm.
However, do not try to seal the damage on the sidewall of the tire and with a diameter exceeding the mentioned 6mm.

Our sealant seals damage with a diameter of no more than 6mm without any problems.
For better sealing, it is recommended to leave any foreign bodies in the tire that caused the damage, as it provides additional sealing of the resulting hole and facilitates the sealer’s work.

If it happens that the tire is over-inflated, all you have to do is press the button on the compressor indicated in the graphic of the post.
By holding it, you can precisely release excess air by following the indications on the manometer.
Check for yourself how easy and safe it is!

The shelf life of the sealant is 5 years – production from this year

The bottle is disposable, you can buy the bottle separately on:



Yes, the compressor can be used to inflate the tire and check the tire pressure – the cable included in the set should be connected to the compressor instead of the bottle. When inflating a tire with a large “flak”, remember to turn off the compressor after 10-12 minutes and let it cool down – you will be sure that the compressor will withstand more work cycles – in case of overloading, the life of the compressor decreases. Just remember not to lose the air hose, if it is damaged, please let us know and we will send you a new one.

Yes, of course. The instruction manual is available online – please also use the application that can be installed on the phone. You will find all the instructions on the website.

The sealant is safe when it comes to pressure sensors – tests are carried out on wheels with TPMS sensors to make sure that it does not adversely affect their operation. If you have any additional questions, I am at your disposal.

Still have more questions?

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