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CompAir Premium

Our compressor is ideal for inflating tires and serves as a trustworthy substitute for a spare wheel. If you have a flat tire, all you have to do is connect the compressor as directed and turn it on. The process is straightforward and safe.

Simply connect the compressor as instructed and turn it on to fill your tire to the desired pressure. The operation is simple and secure, giving you peace of mind while on the road. Additionally, the compact design of the compressor makes it easy to store in your vehicle, so it is always ready when you need it. Whether you are dealing with a flat tire in the middle of nowhere or just need to top up your tire pressure, this compressor is the perfect solution.

Technical data

Performance level: Premium kompresor

Vehicle segment

Mid-size cars

Mid-size luxury cars

Sports cars

Mini SUV

Mid-size SUV

Full-size luxury cars

Light commercial vehicles up to 3,5t


Housing dimensions [mm]: 150x135x56

Mass: 567g

Storage temperature range: -40 to +80

Working temperature range: -30 to +70

Performance: 50-liter tire volume in 5 minutes to 2,5 bar

Power cable length [mm]: 3000 mm

Power cable cross-section [mm2]: 0,9

Maximum power consumption: 180 W

Maximum air pressure: 7 bar

Power connector: car lighter plug according to SAE-J563

Fix a flat tire with ease by pressing a button.

Quick and easy steps to follow.

Safe, neat and user-friendly.

A substitute for having a spare tire.

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Car lighter plug according to SAE-J563

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