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Keeping tires in good condition

Proper maintenance of car tires is crucial to both the safety and durability of our vehicles. Even the most expensive and the most modern tires will not fulfill their role if we do not take care of them properly. In the following article, we will cover some key rules and tips for keeping your tires in top condition.

1.     What role does tire pressure play in ensuring tire longevity and optimal performance?

The most important factor in tire life and performance is the correct pressure. A car with underinflated tires consumes more fuel and is less stable on the road. Too low pressure can also lead to premature tire wear. With the Tire mobility kit SealAir2K you can regularly check the tire pressure in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations.

 2.     Why you need wheel balancing on your car?

Uneven tire wear can be the result of improper wheel balance. If you experience jitters or vibrations while driving, you probably need to check your wheel balance. A professional car service will help you adjust the balancing weights, which will minimize tire wear and improve driving comfort.

 3.     Why do you have to do tire rotations?

The tires on the front and rear wheels are exposed to different loads and wear. That’s why it’s important to rotate your tires regularly. Typically, tires should be rotated approximately every 10,000-12,000 km. Rotation helps even out tire wear, which extends tire life.

 4.     Why you need to check tire tread?

Tire tread is a key factor in road grip and safety. Some countries have laws that specify the minimum tread depth that is allowed. However, it is always better to have treads deeper than the minimum requirements, especially when driving in severe weather conditions.


        5. How you need to properly store your tires?

If you have winter or summer tires that are not currently in use, it is important to store them properly. Keep them in a cool and dry place, away from UV radiation and heat sources. Tires should also be clean and dry before storage to avoid possible damage. 

6.     Does hard driving affect tire wear?

Aggressive driving, hard braking and sharp turns can all contribute to premature tire wear. Try to avoid such driving and follow the road safety rules. Calm and steady driving will have a positive effect on tire life. 

7.     Why is tire matching to the vehicle so important?

Every car is different, so tire requirements may vary. Make sure you choose tires that are suitable for your vehicle. If you have an SUV, off-road tires may be more appropriate, while high-performance tires are better for sports cars. 

Keeping your tires in top condition is not only a matter of safety, but also fuel savings and longer tire life. Regular tire pressure checks, wheel balancing, tire rotation and tread care are essential activities that every driver should perform. Thanks to these simple steps, you can enjoy safe and economical driving for many years. Also, don’t forget that a professional car service can help keep your tires in top condition.

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